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Dear Annie 

Thank you for the tarot reading you gave me last week. I have listened to the recording since which has reinforced the messages you gave to me. The guidance was as always delivered with real insight, understanding and kindness. 

Also I would like to thank you very much for being my "teacher" in psychic matters. I have come a long way from when I first went to one of your classes a year or so ago. The lessons you made me realise have been invaluable. 

Thanks again Annie for your honesty and integrity. 
 love Jeremy                                                                person and also email readings





Dear Annie 
I am writing to you to thank you for the reading that you gave me a couple of months ago. 

I thought it important to write as I don't expect you ever get much feedback from the people you read for and wonder what actually happens at the end of the day! 

Well I would like you to know that the indepth reading you gave to me has nearly all come true. Just to brief you, you told me I would be turning my life around completely which I thought at the time I would not have the strength to do and I did. You told me a woman called Emma would help me in many ways. I never knew anyone called Emma, but she did come into my life and gave a lot of support and help. 

The most important piece of information you gave to me was when you said you saw a lady behind me and described her to me. The lady you described to me was my mother. You even got the style and material of her clothes exactly. It was a wonderful feeling to know that she was beside me and made me feel very happy. 

I have had many years experience of visiting clairvoyants and would like to say you are one of the best I have ever seen. 

I found with you, unlike other clairvoyants, that you do not need to ask lots of questions to find the answers your clients are looking for, but the skills and gift that you have been given and which you pass on to your clients is one of the greatest I have ever had the experience of. I also felt very comfortable having the reading done. 

I will certainly be recommending friends and family alike to visit you and no doubt will in the future be back to get another reading myself. 

I wish you the very best for the future. 

Thank you again.


Yours sincerely 

Miss C *****                         -in person







Hi Annie, 
When I came to see you yesterday you told me that I would recieve a small bunch of flowers looked like a relative but in connection with the pub.
No-one knew that I came to see you or about the flowers. Anyway Mum showed up at the pub about 10 mins ago with a small bunch of pink tulips (my favourite flowers) to cheer me up! 24 hours since the reading not bad eh!!!  
Thank you; Annie 
Will keep you updated on the progress!!!!!



  Yosemite Falls












Hi Annie

I don't expect you to remember me but you read for me at the Holistic 
Experience's Fair in Gosport last year (Jan 2002). I am fairly local to you and I am writing to enquire whether you do "in person" readings - you were very accurate last time. 

I look forward to hearing from you 

Thank you, 

Helen     -in person




















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Dear Annie, 

Today you did a reading for my friend and I. So I wanted to write a few lines to say I thought that it was a 'brilliant' and 'very accurate' reading. The things you told me about my relationship only clarified what I already knew, and this has given the strength to do something about my present situation. So, hopefully, the next time I come for a reading you will be telling me what a good relationship I will be having. 

Thank you for a brilliant reading. See you again soon! 

Nikki     -   in person

P.S. I will be telling every one I know to come and see you!!! 




 hi annie



thanks for the reading, ill digest it fully later on, but yes it does confirm a number of things that have cropped up.  so pretty accurate.


e-mail 8/11/09





Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 11:55:39 +0000

Hi Annie,

you did a reading for me a while back and you were very accurate, i wonder if you could come to my house and read for me again and also for a couple of my friends? 

Many thanks 


in person group booking 



03 January 2010 19:15:36


Dear Annie,
Thank you very much for your reading, it was quite accurate in places regarding my past and very comforting regarding my future.


best wishes Nicki





Sent:25 June 2012 05:20:25


Morning Annie,


I don’t know if you remember, I had a reading from you a few weeks' ago by telephone.  It was only a 30 minute reading, and a few things you had said to me have come to pass, 









So, it was 29th Oct 2012, the date of my first ever card reading. Having been a long time sceptic I was a little curious and despite searching and found one or two possibilities I came across Annie's site and something said go and see her. The day had arrived and upon arrival I was welcomed into her home to the sitting room where the reading would take place. 


After a brief chat we began the reading, immediately Annie picked up on a possible dental problem, this was connected to my Mother who over the weekend had an issue with a front tooth. Subsequently Annie later picked up on possible surgery of some kind, which connected back to Mum needing canal treatment. Heart health connections were also made to my Father and myself. A possible celebration was also mentioned, didn't know at the time but a cousin was celebrating a 40th just two weeks later. Annie also spoke of past issues and current issues which all struck a chord in some way or another. 


Now, I accept health issues, money issues work issues etc are all things that most people could probably connect in some way, but I did feel my reading was very specific. Annie also came up with a connection which blew me away as there was absolutely no way on this earth Annie would have known, that on it's own gave me some belief. There are many readers out there who may not be value for money, but trust me, if you see Annie, see her with an open mind and you'll make a connection and you may well leave with a great deal of belief.


Thankyou Annie, I shall keep you posted and hopefully see you again in the New year when the time is right.






Sent:15 May 2013 16:28:05


Thanks for the brilliant reading Annie.

N****** X




Sent:02 June 2013 18:45:42


Thank you ever so much for coming it was fantastic,  i think we will all plan to do it again for the new year, 

Thank you once again it was a very good evening 


Emily x




Sent:12 July 2013 18:58:42


Hello Annie,
Just to let you know I have received the recording. Thank you once again. It was great talking to you. I feel so much better and lighter.
Hope to speak to you soon. If you do come to Kenya please feel free to drop me an email.
Thank you and Take care.





Dear Annie 

I have been coming to you now for 3 years, your readings are so accurate. 

Thank you for my recent reading, you have given me a lot to think about. 

You predicted that I would have two chances at buying a house I wanted. I was not even thinking of buying a house at that time. Any way I found a property I was interested in. My bid was accepted, then I was gazumped two weeks later. A month went past, then the new buyers pulled out allowing me to continue with the purchase. 

It also happened in the months you predicted it would. 

I have been to many psychics but I feel they have little relevance with my life. You have restored my faith in Psychics. 

Geoff            - in person




HI Annie,      

How wonderful. Love how you just went to the flow. I know you are a vessel. I felt it when I E-mailed you. Being a healer is one thing. But to be authentic with that is the full package in light. 

T. (C.A.)    -telephone reading California



Thank you, it is a bit clearer now. There are a lot of things going on at the moment. 
I really do appreciate it, it is a very good service. I shall recommend you to others. 

Many thanks again. 

Cheryl      -   e-mail reading UK






With regard to my past, you are right about emotions. 

The bit about me looking to the future (the next 4 months, towards November), you are right in my looking to the future and working towards improving things - I have been thinking about decorating my home . 

I shall definitely be recommending you to others - maybe in about 6 months I shall contact you for another reading to see how I am progressing - or is that too soon? 

Annie, thank you very much for your reading - I honestly do feel better. 

Thank you again, and take care. 
Lynn        -   e-mail reading

(This letter has been edited as it was very personal and all details were confirmed as accurate). Thank you Lynn Bless you and good luck! 



Hi Annie 

You are totally spot on with your reading. 

Your last paragraph also amazed me as we are currently waiting to hear about emigrating to Australia. I have doubts but yet it makes sense for our children so I wonder whether it is right to go if we get the chance. 

Thank you for your insight. 

Jacqui      -  email reading





Hello Annie, 

well first of all you have totally scared me by how much to know. you have told me more than any other person i've talked to. you are just too SMART. I would love to meet you. I would love to come to UK some day. 

Thank you again for not judging me as who I am. I am so happy 
that someone can actually understand my feelings. 

Thanks again for being a friend. Love Tina 
(Tennessee)       - email reading




Hi Annie
I have had 2 readings from you in the past 5 years and they have been so
accurate its almost unbelievable!




I did a reading from you back in April and I was kinda skeptical on what you wrote.  I must say that I was very skeptical on what you had said.  It is true i did sign a document it took a while and a head ache but with me doing that I did refinance my house and did a cash out to pay off some debt which was holding me back..  There was my brother in law who has had back problems.  So in conclusion I am very impressed with the reading after time has gone by.  I know it state a 6 month reading but is it to soon to get another reading?


MD .Texas... e-mail reading





Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 15:06:26 +0100

Hi Annie,
Firstly and most importantly, you were spot on and VERY accurate!!! 
I shall give you some feedback so you can see for yourself how accurate you were and if possible maybe expand on a couple of things?



Theresa xxx





Subject: RE: Email Reading
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:35:18 +0200

Dear Annie,

Yes, thank you so much

You have the boys down to a tee, and I found the reading reassuring and valuable. 


Weston super Mare, Somerset 


email Reading





Hi Annie,many thanks for today, it was lovely to meet you too, it was defiantly an eye opener and scarily accurate, hopefully ill see you again in the future.Love and LightKara





Sent:15 August 2013 23:44:54


Hi Annie


Thank you for doing our readings today.


**** let me listen to his recording too and I cant believe how right you are about everything on both mine and his.  I know at the time he was a bit skeptical and had trouble placing things but listening to it back you are bang on correct.


Anyway thanks again and I'm sorry about **** - he must have been your worst client ever :(






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