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Peter Collins

Born in Brooklyn, NY

Lives & works in San Francisco, CA


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Being a psychic and working in this field, using my senses everyday;

I suppose I have more stories than most.


This is just one of them..........I moved into my house 19 years ago, the energy was not great. ( My husband had chosen the house as we were moving from Wales to Portsmouth, which is quite a long distance). We moved in and the cats moved into the cupboard under the stairs; they would not come out for any reason. I remember when ever I opened the door to the cupboard they would hiss at me.


It wasn't long after moving in; I saw a man with two walking sticks at the top of the stairs, this became a regular occurrence. I tried to live with it; but, the energy was not pleasant, there were personality changes with everyone who spent time on the stairs; at the top or the bottom, on the landing or in the hall.


I made enquiries to the neighbours; who had lived in the street for the longest time. I described the man, asking if anyone fitting those descriptions had lived in my house, the answer was no; but, they had lived in the house next door. I couldn't understand why then, this spirit was coming through and manifesting in my house. I put up with as long as I could, I had noticed how unpleasant it was, and I sensed that it was affecting everyone emotionally.


I asked my guides to lead him to where he needed to be, and things settled down, he was not seen again, but the energy in those spots remained the same for quite some time.


It wasn't just me who had notice the energies; everyone who came there noticed. I am glad to say it is not there now. Some other things do happen but are short lived. I have had door handles rattling in the night, and doors flying open; just to give you some ideas of what it can be like, these were not everyday events though; just now and again. Eventually, after regular cleansings and putting crystals in the right places; I managed to change the entire atmosphere of the house. Although I believe that the landing at the top of the stairs is a portal; as there have been others too, just visitors. If you remember only to work with protection you should be ok. But, Please; never dabble in what you don't understand - as once they are drawn in - you have to let them go back, or you can easily trap them by mistake.


Any way, time flies by so quickly. I had forgotten all about this particular spirit as there have been much more interesting ones, but they are different stories.............




19 years later! ... to complete the story.
About a month or two ago, A client phoned to make an appointment for himself and his mother.
They arrived on time and I opened the reading. It was unusual, as Spirit came through straight away, (remember I do not claim to be a medium). I described this man with two sticks, She said yes, but that is for you, I said it wasn't; it was for her, anyway she said she would tell me later, and I agreed. During the reading something fell off the wall and she said to me " that will also be for you", I told her it was nothing to worry about, it wasn't supernatural, just the blue tack I had used had dried out. Any way she insisted she was right - I was wrong.
It was a very accurate reading, afterwards she told me that 30 to 40 years ago she had lived in this house, her family had for generations, and it was haunted, I said "Oh yes, of course; it used to be haunted by a man with walking sticks, - he used to be on the stairs", she then went on to tell me; he used to live next door and used to appear through the walls, even back then! They all used to see him regularly; but never new why he came through the walls to see them.. 
I still feel that he was watching them, as he had left here shortly after I moved in, and he only came back for that brief visit, to get a mention with her. So, to me; that connected the haunting with her family. ( I suppose he was lonely).



















One night around Halloween, a few years ago; two students made an appointment for readings.

They arrived and instantly said "oh, it's not very spooky". I laughed and said "look in the corners". (there were only crystals there.) They were expecting me to be wearing weird clothes and a turban on my head, ha ha ! They had obviously come to get spooked and to set themselves up for a scare on Halloween. I told them they would be disappointed. 

Well, to get on with the story, spirit guides have a sense of humour, they really do....

We started the reading....they had never been to a psychic before, so; I prepared them by telling them, it was about choices and trends and that they would still have control over what happens. I turned the tape on and recorded the date, as usual, to check the tape is not faulty. When we played the taped back to check it; just seconds later, it was I all I could do to stop them from running out of the house screaming.


To hear what they heard....    to listen click here

                                                                               Click o the word here .... then  on open  not save and it will play






Activity at the KINGS THEATRE






An all night ghost watch at the Kings Theatre Southsea,  many spirits were picked up by the audience. And were confirmed by the Psychics and Mediums, everything was recorded on film and in writing.......                            


 and scroll down the pages. They may take time to down load.









Please feel free to send in some of your stories and experiences. You can include personal experiences, news articles, photo's and other evidence if you have it. Also, you could share news worthy phenomena from your area.

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 Sent: 25 January 2008 09:43:57 

My little brother passed over just two years ago... He had rather a naughty sense of of humour to begin with... but within the 5 days of his passing over until the day of his funeral, everyone's cell phones were ringing... the caller ID came up as my little brothers ID. When the phone was answered, there was nobody on the other end. 
His cell phone had not been charged and was forgotten in his work bag. His passing over was very sudden... I believe that he wanted to phone to say goodbye... not to mention he would have enjoyed finding a way to get around the cell phone charges.

Best wishes Annie B







Hi Annie 
Our family is surrounded by experiences too many to mention!
  My latest is :
Moved into an old bungalow 5 years ago
Ice cold areas ....
Toilet flushes itself
Bangs on the kitchen table , dogs raced around but no one there.
They look into thin air.
When I take them for a walk they constantly stop and look behind, being
followed ?
Toilet role unwound itself, I said do it again and it did.
Had my shorts tugged down 2 inches one evening but didn't actually feel
hands doing it.
One of the children has a teacher visit Thursday, extra tuition etc
He has been twice, both times the electric fails
He will be with us tonight , see if it happens tonight !
I catch a vision in the corner of my eye, not an actual site but a vision.
Get the feeling it's a child ........ playing tricks ??

Any thoughts ??







Annie's reply





Hi Steve, 
thank you for writing in, how fascinating, such wonderful examples.
I too; have had my sweater tugged from behind me - when i was the only one visible in the room.
Try to tune into it(?) and ask it to do something for you. Like switching the radio on and off,  see what happens - I had the radio do that by its self, (it was battery operated so it wasn't an electrical fault)  and then i told them,"oy,  i was listening to that; -  turn it back on, - and they did."
all the best ... Annie










Look and see how many faces and objects you can find.

















This picture was taken in New Zealand
By Annie B, in it you can make out many different shapes, mainly
  hands reaching out.  A Crystal skull and many faces.







A Ghost Watch at the Kings Theatre Southsea





A GHOST WATCH all night success






An all night Ghost watch with audience participation at the Kings Theatre Southsea. 
Covered live by Power FM Radio. Hosted by Twilight Tours.


Respected Local Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums were asked to go along and be in a section of the audience; to help with the interpretation of the phenomenon. The audience were asked to hold up their hands if they sensed anything; where upon a Psychic, Medium or Clairvoyant would go and help interpret the phenomenon, or confirm the sensations or evidence being presented too them.  Each Psychic had a camera man and a writer to accurately record the evidence. 

The evening was a huge success and over £1,500 was raised for a local charity.  A big Thank you to Twilight Tours for organising this.   









12/4/2010 this is my most recent active phenomenon.

 last night I fell asleep on the sofa whilst watching TV, I was on my own; later, I was woken up with an indentation as if someone was sitting there, the sofa went down with the weight, and then up; when I became more alert, i realised it was a  literal movement.  There was no-one, even though they had pinned me in, and it happened again a few minutes later, while I was still alert......Annie


similar things have happened on and off so I dare, this won't be the last 





Please feel free to send in some of your stories and experiences. You can include personal experiences, news articles, photo's and other evidence if you have it. Also, you could share news worthy phenomena from your area.

Here's where to send it.....    e-mail

Then I will put it in this section of the site to make interesting reading.  You could see your story Here!