Annie is able to bring you a wide range of Readings.

 *please note Annie does not receive clients to her home*


Telephone readings payment in full in advance none refundable.

Webcam-Skype face to face payment in full in advance none refundable.

or  at  your home for groups .. a deposit is required. Parties - Corporate Parties   as per agreement or contract deposits on contract + expenses.

Venues (hen nights/Birthdays/ leaving/retirements/Christmas). Deposit and Travel expenses in advance, as per contract or agreement.


all prices are stated below for each specific type of booking

You can pay by card as Paypal I take both. Its very secure with paypal invoice.




  •  Half hour phone reading covers 6 months ahead £25 -

                                                                       recorded £27


**If you feel you need more time then ask Annie for a

 £35 - 45 minute Reading** + £2 if recorded £37 emailed to you


  • 1 Hour phone Reading covers 12 months ahead  £45 - 

                                                                  if recorded £47


  •  Half hour overseas reading £25 -

                             if recorded  £37  


  • 1 hour overseas reading £45 -

                       if Recorded  £47 emailed to you


These prices work out at:

1/2 hour 83p. a minute -

3/4 hour 77p. a minute -

& 1 hour is 75p. a minute

better than most tarot lines.


 email Annie for an appointment, instant Readings are subject to availability.





 Please Email Annie, as Annie can Collect emails where ever she is....when she has a free moment..

 copy and paste if you prefer: 


 Best to make your appointments in the morning for the afternoon or early evening



Venues and Party Bookings are charged at £50 per hour.  Deposit required; balance paid on the night.


Unless the clients pay for themselves, (it is as per arrangement.) then a deposit will be asked for.



(If the Venue/Party/Group; is more than 20 miles then there could be an additional fee for time and travel costs by arrangement/or deposit.)



Group Bookings: 


The clients pay for themselves; usually done in the clients home with a small group of their friends each having a reading, depending on the arrangement and length of each reading. Recorded readings at the clients home are subject to request only as equipment may not be available. Price structure is as follows below: 

 a deposit will be asked for. recordings are extra £2 each, and emailed.


Corporate Events prices are as per agreement with deposit





Private Appointments face to face via skype -  pay when making the booking, none refundable.




When these appointments are available they are strictly by appointment only.


(Recorded £2, Annie can only offer this service for readings on request & is subject to available equipment.)




Prices are at the same rate for individual readings and Telephone Readings:




Half hour reading covers 6 months ahead £25 -


                                                     recorded £27




**If you want  more time then ask - ask Annie for a


 £35 - 45 minute one** + £2  emailed £37





1 Hour Reading covers 12 months ahead  £45 - 


                                                 if recorded   £47




 Please Email Annie , as Annie can Collect emails where ever she is....when she has a free moment..

 copy and paste if you prefer:







(basically you are paying for Annie's time - if your appointment  runs over your time; then it will be charged at the next tariff which is £10 per 15 minutes and so on after that. Please see below).


 £25 - 30 minutes


 £35 - 45 minutes


 £45 - 60 minutes




Compare with Tarot lines these prices work out at:


1/2 hr - £0.83p.  a minute


3/4 hr - £0.77p.  a minute


& 1 hr - £0.75p.  a minute


better than most tarot lines.





Webcam Readings: 

  • half hour £25 - not recorded

  • 1 hour     £45 - not recorded  

  can be voice recorded and £2 emailed to you 




we do not provide any guarantee